Ginsberg Jacobs LLC opens its doors

Ginsberg Jacobs LLC opened its doors on June 15, 2009.

Members Steven F. (“Sonny”) Ginsberg and Darryl P. Jacobs announced the formation of Ginsberg Jacobs LLC, an innovative partnership that brings experienced attorneys specializing in Real Estate, Corporate, Federal Tax and Tax Credits, and litigation related to those practice areas.

“This is our chance to build a new kind of law firm,” Ginsberg says. “Our experience at larger firms has told us that the traditional firm structure, with its excessive overhead expense and raw attorneys, will not work for clients in 2009 and beyond. We are taking a different management approach; we will make the decisions on cost that our clients would make if they were in our shoes.”

“Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along to do something different,” says Jacobs. “We look forward to working with our clients in a new environment.”

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