About Us

Ginsberg Jacobs LLC provides business-oriented legal solutions to public and private entities in the areas of corporate, finance, litigation, real estate, trusts and estates, tax and tax credits. Our innovative business model departs from the “large firm” approach. We deliver client-focused legal services that are both efficient and of the highest quality. 

Small Firm, National Practice
In today’s world, a national practice does not mean an office in every city. Ginsberg Jacobs regularly handles matters in all regions of the US, and represents clients in most states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We encourage our attorneys to collaborate with local counsel where appropriate, and we have established a network of cost-effective resources across the country, enabling us to handle multi-state, multi-disciplinary matters in an effective manner.

The GJ Model
We have each spent time at larger firms, and our collective experience tells us that the traditional firm structure, with its excessive overhead expense and tiered attorneys, no longer works for most clients.  Our philosophy is that:

  • Sophisticated transactions require sophisticated legal skills; not an army of lawyers.
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements have advantages for both clients and attorneys.
  • High billable hour requirements encourage over billing even among honorable attorneys.
  • Effective attorneys and their firms need not and should not provide every type of legal service to their clients.
  • Clients prefer lower billable rates to receiving weekly marketing updates.
  • For transactional disputes, litigation should be a last resort.
  • It is better to provide excellent service to 50 clients than mediocre service to 500.
  • Community involvement is an obligation on par with paid work.
  • Energy is Eternal Delight (whoops –that is Blake, not us).

This firm is our chance to get it right; to manage a law office and represent our clients as they would if they were in our shoes. We are pleased to bring our long-standing relationships to Ginsberg Jacobs LLC, and we will handle your matters efficiently and proficiently.  We have built a better model – come see for yourself. 

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