Our Values

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility has always been integral to who we are as individuals, and as a Firm. We started this Firm with an array of values that we wanted to uphold, and a promise that we would always look for opportunities to make a positive difference. Today, more than ever, it feels crucial to devote time and resources to giving back to the communities where we practice, and to make meaningful and impactful contributions.

One of the many benefits to our deviation from the Biglaw firm model, is that we are able to offer our attorneys and staff the flexibility to devote time to their passion projects. Without rigid billable requirements, and by offering a more collaborative atmosphere, our attorneys are encouraged to do their best work at the office, while still making time for a wide range of outreach activities.  As a Firm, as a city, and as a world – we believe it is our job to work towards building a better future.

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