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Private Equity & Joint Ventures

At Ginsberg Jacobs, we know that our clients often recognize the value of combining their efforts and resources with those of others in joint ventures and other strategic alliances, whether the counterparty is an institutional investor, a co-equal, or a provider of complementary expertise.  We guide our clients through the formation and operation of private equity funds and venture capital investments and provide straightforward advice on the parameters and prevailing market terms.  We also represent investors who are looking to make investments in the private equity and venture capital spaces.

Our attorneys apply our interdisciplinary capabilities in corporate and securities law, real estate law, and tax law to help our clients establish and grow their investments, funds, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, and to make sound investment decisions from a legal perspective.  Our role often spans the entire life cycle of the entities, from formation to exit, including the acquisition, financing, and disposition of their underlying investments


  • Advise clients on how to structure new funds and assist them throughout the fund-raising process, including helping private equity firms negotiate the terms on which investors contribute their money
  • Draft private placement memoranda, securities filings, subscription agreements, and supplemental agreements for private equity funds and venture capital investments
  • Draft and negotiate joint venture agreements and accompanying agreements such as development services agreements and agreements limiting competitive investments
  • Advise clients on tax, audit, compliance, and regulatory matters
  • Explore and execute joint venture exit strategies such as buy-sell provisions, drag along rights, tag along rights, rights of first refusal (ROFR), and rights of first offer (ROFO)
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