Areas of Practice


Ginsberg Jacobs has grown and acquired a strong group of attorneys that are well-versed in dealing with matters related to telecommunications and ancillary real estate, corporate, and litigation issues. Our managing telecom partners have each focused their practices on telecom specifically for two decades. We have worked on telecommunication sites in all fifty states, and have vast knowledge in all aspects of the acquisition and disposition of wireless facilities of various types.

We are well versed in handling all elements of tower leasing, negotiating hundreds of matters with private landlords, municipalities, and infrastructure clients. We also have extensive experience negotiating small cell installations, including working with municipalities to make sure their telecom ordinances comply with state and federal law.

Another substantial component of our telecom practice has been focused on the leasing and licensing of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Wi-Fi systems within major sports venues, hotels, universities, airports, and large office buildings across the country. We’ve also negotiated countless Master Lease Agreements between telecommunication companies and large portfolio property owners.

In addition to our leasing work, we are highly skilled at navigating the oft-complex zoning of wireless communication facilities. We have conducted various zoning presentations on behalf of our leading industry clients in Chicago and across the country – negotiating with large cities and small towns alike.

Beyond the years of focused practice, we are uniquely poised to counsel our clients because our attorneys have immersed themselves in the telecom industry. Our managing partners have held leadership positions with wireless associations, they have worked in site acquisition themselves, and they have long-standing relationships with telecom professionals across every facet of the industry.

We know that providing the highest-quality legal services is important, but our attorneys also understand that cost matters to our clients – large and small – and that sometimes alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) are appealing. With a highly focused team, we have the flexibility to work with our clients to keep our services cost-effective, and explore AFAs when needed. We are also able to keep our fees exceptionally competitive, because we have very little turnover with our telecom attorneys. Three of our five telecom partners have been working together as a telecom group since the firm was founded. The years of working cooperatively as a team, and utilizing our broad collective experience, means less time wasted ‘getting up to speed’ and lower fees for our clients.

As technology rapidly advances, the telecom field is constantly evolving. We believe our telecom clients deserve attorneys who are completely focused on telecom, and committed to staying on top of the ever-changing nuances of the industry. Many firms might tack on ‘and telecom’ as a practice subset of their real estate group – but our designated telecom attorneys are leaders in their field, and can provide the level of specialization that such an important industry demands.

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